Discover the latest Kickstarter for business success

Discover the latest Kickstarter for business success

August 5, 2018 Blog 0

How to ignite fact-based thinking in your company.

Facts are the best drivers for business success; and as you might know, we’ve started Fulcrum.Works because we want to drive organizations’ transition from gut feel to fact-based marketing. As fact-based organisations outperform their peers, companies that don’t transition leave value on the table.

Developing fact-based propositions.

The first period for Fulcrum.Works it has been a celebration of many wonderful companies that already worked and want to work with us. But, as always, there are still challenges to be tackled.

One of our current propositions offers companies a subscription program for their marketing division. This program is packed with masterclasses that kickstart and increase knowledge in such a way the total marketing output becomes more effective and grows the brand(s) of our customers.

Fulcrum.Works Masterclasses

This specifically creates a common ground of understanding in what way marketing works, solves the difficulty of educating all new talent and helps coping with the uncertainty that comes with understanding all new technology and media opportunities. In this way the masterclasses of Fulcrum.Works leverages our knowledge center and gives our customers the best tools to accelerate their transition towards fact-based marketing.

Applying the theory.

However, explaining the theory about swimming doesn’t mean someone can swim. It takes time, practice and guidance. We observe an analogy with our masterclasses; We inspire and educate the theory and then “leave” the company with “it”.

To overcome this challenge, we are exploring the following additions to our proposition: guidance for leadership, support for teams and periodic fora to challenge and defend statements. The latter is the latest addition to our portfolio and focuses on team discussions around thought-provoking statements like “We should not invest in TV anymore”, where digital experts have to defend the TV investment and traditional media experts have to oppose. This guarantees application of the knowledge from our masterclasses (practice with guidance) and actively creates a common ground between teams.

Profit from fact-based working.

Are you interested in such a forum or our masterclasses contact me via, contact us via our form or subscribe to our newsletters to stay in te loop.

Peter van Leeuwen
Fulcrum.Works. When the facts change I change my mind.


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